Option Fair Welcome Bonus

If you are thinking of trading binary options for real money, then a bonus in your account may be a great way to get things started. Option Fair are currently offering a 20% bonus for new members who are looking for a reputable Binary Options Broker to sign up with.

Option Fair do have a demo account although it only lasts 5 days. If you are new to trading the markets it may well be wise to do a bit of homework before you start trading with real money. Don’t believe the hype, Binary Options is not a license to print money it is ‘intelligent gambling’, so before you lay a punt, you should probably get to know your horses!

You will also get a 1 to 1 session with a Senior Account manager plus access to the OF Academy for one month. The academy is perhaps more use than the manager as you can’t cover much in one session. The OF Academy offers:

Video Tutorials to develop a deep background knowledge of the world’s financial markets. Technical analysis and investment techniques are taught from the bottom up to advanced strategies.

Learning of Technical Analysis is also supported via eBooks. They also have a hot trades alert system which you can access through the academy.

Please note that if you do accept a bonus it is subject to terms and conditions. Any bonus is subject to a splitting of accounts which will effect the percentage of winnings that you can withdraw. If your trades win with bets placed using an accepted bonus, the bonus percentage will be added to your bonus account, not your real account. So, if you are $1,000 up on a trade $200 (20%) will be added added to your bonus account, leaving a win of $800 in your cash account.

Although this system may appear a bit complex it is a bit fairer than some of the bonus terms we have seen out there. Fairness is Option Fair’s unique selling point and in this case they are sticking to it with their bonus terms. To sign up for you bonus simply click the button below, or click here.

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