Online binary options trading is relatively new, and is also subject to much controversy: is it a scam? Can you make money? And more… However, despite scaremongering put about by some sections of the media there are some brokers out there who have a history and therefore a pedigree: cams rarely last for long once word gets out, so if they’ve been in the game for more than a few years they are generally bona fide.

This site was put together to wade through the smoke and mirrors of the binary options industry and provide site visitors with brokers that stand out for one reason or another (in a positive way!). Obviously we cannot vouch for any brokers, just promote an opinion, as everyone’s experience may slightly different even with the same brokers.

We do receive payments for referral but we do our best not to let that cloud our judgement. In light of this you will notice that we do not feature many brokers, there are plenty out there, but they are not all worth promoting, we stick to the more reputable brokers.

Finally, as always, never, ever trade with more than you can afford to lose. Good luck.

Binary Options Team 2015.